Our 4 City Councillors

Our Member of Parliament

Our 8 Members of the Scottish Parliament

Our 7 Members of the European Parliament



Our City Councillors


Jordanhill now has 4 City Councillors who represent the large area

known as Partick West .     The map below shows how

Jordanhill (bounded in pink) fits within the new constituency boundary.


Partick West map



Meantime our four councillors can be contacted as under.


Councillor Martin Bartos (Green)

Green group:  0141 287 4352



Councillor Aileen Colleran, (Labour)

Labour group:  0141 287 5616



Councillor Feargal Dalton, (SNP)

Phone: 0141 287 4448


  Councillor Kenny McLean, (SNP)

Phone:  0141 287 5968





Our Member of Parliament


Westminster MP boundary


The Glasgow North West Constituency (Westminster MP) boundary is shown above

with Jordanhill shaded in yellow/green


Carol Monaghan, SNP, MP,

Yoker Housing Association, 2310 Dumbarton Road,  G14 0JS (temporary)

Telephone; 0141 950 9070





2nd Friday of the month

9.30 am.  Drumchapel Community Centre

11.00 am.  Yoker Housing Association


4th Friday of the month

9.30 am. Whiteinch Centre

11.00 am.  Knightswood Community Centre



Our Members of the Scottish Parliament


MSP changes 2008 coloured


The Anniesland Constituency (Scottish Parliament MSP) boundary  

is almost the same as the Westminster constituency shown above

but it differs substantially on the eastern edges.

 On 14.2.08 the Boundaries Commission issued details of a proposed

alteration to the present Anniesland Constituency boundary.

They make it difficult to follow by issuing separate maps but the

composite map prepared by JCC shown above may be of interest.

Jordanhill, shaded light yellow/green, is not affected by the proposed changes..

The present Anniesland Constituency boundary incorporates the area bounded in red

plus the area shaded orange which includes Kelvindale and Kelvinside.

The new proposed constituency, to be called “Glasgow West” will incorporate

the area bounded in red plus the area shaded dark green 

which includes  Scotstoun, Whiteinch and Broomhill.



Bill Kidd is the elected member who represents our constituency



Bill Kidd, Scottish National Party, Constituency MSP

Constituency Office:  Room 1.16

Anniesland College

19 Hatfield Drive

Glasgow 12 0YE

Telephone: 0141 339 3277


Local Surgery

Broomhill School

Ist Monday of the month at 5.00 p.m.

(except in April and May)

Phone for other details and other surgery times.


Members of the European Parliament


There are 6 MEPs, all of whom have been elected to the

single constituency of Scotland.


Accordingly there is no specific MEP for Jordanhill


They are, in alphabetical order


David Coburn, UKIP

Ian Duncan, Conservative

Ian Hudghton,  Scottish National Party

David Martin,   Labour

Alyn Smith, Scottish National Party

Catherine Stilher,  Labour/Co-operative




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Updated 22 September 2015